Mongolian Standing Order

You can open an Mongolian Standing Order so that you will receive one of each of the issues in MNH order.
We will post the stamps at the end of each quarter so there will be four sets of stamps per year.

If the number of stamps in any given quarter comes to less then US $ 10, we will hold them over to the next quarter.
We do have the option to post all stamps once a year. Please indicate this in your request

You can specify if you only want certain stamps or certain types of stamps like souvenir sheets.
All stamps will be posted by registered mail from Mongolia and all payments must be in advance.

We will advise you first of what stamps will be in the next shipment and what the total cost will be before any mailout
There is no need to pay any deposit, just drop us an e-mail and we will keep you posted.

You can cancel your standing order at any time
Payment can be made through PayPal or Moneybookers

You can see on our website the kinds of stamps that were issued in the last three years.

Please e-mail us with your request.

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