Mongolian Covers

As we are based in Mongolia, we can send Mongolian Covers on request.
If you want a particular set or souvenir sheet on cover then just drop us an e-mail and we will do the rest.

We will put some cardboard inside the cover and it will be posted using regular airmail.
Keep in mind that the current rate for a 20 grammes letter is 1300 Tugriks plus 10% tax.

If the stamp or stamps are of a lesser value we will have to use additional stamps (on the back) to make up the minimum required.
This does mean that we cannot create covers from the older stamps as those might have a face value of less than one Tugrik.

The cost of this service will US $ 1.75 per cover.
We will use the smallest envelope possible unless you request otherwise.

Again payment needs to be made in advance and if you need the cover to be registered an extra US $ 1.50 will be added.
Making a total cost of US $ 3.25

Please e-mail us your request.

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